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Clawee iOs (iPhone) Cheat Codes

Coins for game
Coins for game
i:282ADC7E43MINI PACKAGE ($5.99)
Coins for game
i:90B958A7A6ADVANCED PACKAGE ($19.99)
Coins for game
i:E39B7E2E0CPRO PACKAGE ($39.99)
Coins for game
i:313B1935E0MEGA PACKAGE ($99.99)
Coins for game
i:94B99F1795DELUXE PACKAGE ($69.99)
Coins for game
i:EA65E077C1PRIZE SHIPPING ($5.99)
Coins for game
i:B627841821PRIZE SHIPPING ($2.99)
Coins for game
i:2B35D11004PRIZE SHIPPING ($2.99)
Coins for game

Clawee Android Cheat Codes

Coins for game
3291338239##INTERMEDIATE PACKAGE ($11.99)
Coins for game
D9D3DA18F6##MINI PACKAGE ($5.99)
Coins for game
B9B9696117##ADVANCED PACKAGE ($19.99)
Coins for game
6F8429C950##PRO PACKAGE ($39.99)
Coins for game
30160FB323##MEGA PACKAGE ($99.99)
Coins for game
6AF1B103F9##DELUXE PACKAGE ($69.99)
Coins for game
Coins for game
02679A85A3##PRIZE SHIPPING ($2.99)
Coins for game
06A8DF8487##PRIZE SHIPPING ($2.99)
Coins for game

Clawee by Gigantic LTD

Start playing Clawee today - 100% REAL claw machines, 100% REAL prizes and 100% REAL home delivery!

YES, the same crane machines we love to play - with a dash of extra PAZAZ, controlled from your phone!

Join over 2,000,000 players to get clawing and winning real prizes on the 21st century crane game!

- New Prizes EVERY DAY

- Free shipping for VIP members

- Daily bonus for some free and effortless fun

- Top quality live video streaming

- Tons of prizes to choose from

- Collect tickets and earn FREEBIES!

- ENDLESS offers, coupons, events and challenges

- Won a prize you don’t want? Exchange it for MORE coins

- Want even more coins? Play the coins machine!

- Try the Magnet machine, The Scale machine and MANY other one-of-a-kind machines!

# High quality internet connectivity is required for the live game-play.

# Clawee offers games on real mechanical machines, which may malfunction occasionally. If you have encountered a malfunction, please email and the issue will be resolved.

# Clawee delivers real prizes, which carry a real cost. Therefore, payment is required to receive the goods.

Install and Play Clawee NOW!

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