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Available Cheat Codes for Solitaire - Grand Harvest

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Solitaire - Grand Harvest iOs (iPhone/iPad/iPod) Hacks

i:BCC4A6BC94Coin Pack XS ($1.99)
i:951EF2386ECoin Pack M ($9.99)
i:F074540A0ECoin Pack L ($19.99)
i:53625811CCCoin Pack XL ($49.99)
i:82FD244E27Super Coin Pack XXL ($99.99)
i:E62DCAA3C3Coin Pack S ($4.99)
i:7078FBF503First time offer ($1.99)
i:7990BC70B4Starter Pack ($1.99)
i:4C20244D3CFun Pack ($6.99)
The Fun Pack
i:E773843C36Big Pack ($12.99)
The Big Pack

Solitaire - Grand Harvest Android Hacks

D0C33C5305##Coin Pack XS ($1.99)
EABD236E42##Coin Pack M ($9.99)
FEFCACD3AE##Coin Pack L ($19.99)
BD44AE6975##Coin Pack XL ($49.99)
5EC63B202B##Super Coin Pack XXL ($99.99)
CB31F295B1##Coin Pack S ($4.99)
AF4B4FDED5##First time offer ($1.99)
8F8DB083B2##Starter Pack ($1.99)
E9314E0A2F##Fun Pack ($6.99)
The Fun Pack
B5F2FAD106##Big Pack ($12.99)
The Big Pack

Solitaire - Grand Harvest by Supertreat

Time for a break. Time for Solitaire Grand Harvest!

It’s the most rewarding FREE solitaire game online: Solitaire Grand Harvest is tripeaks solitaire at its most challenging and fun!

All the FREE Tripeaks Solitaire Features You've Ever Dreamed Of!

Looking for classic tripeaks solitaire? You got it. Enjoy these extra awesome solitaire features too:

• Crop Master bonus goodies - unleash each field's crates, loaded up with credits, boosters and other goodies - for even more rewarding tripeaks solitaire fun!

• Sam & Bones - scavenge for those solitaire treats with Sam the solitaire dog, because more treats mean more rewards...and a very happy Sam!

• Hoppy the Frog - as much as you’ll love Hoppy, be warned that once he hops onto a solitaire card, he blocks the card from play! Sweet talk him around it and he might just reward you for your help!

• Bonus wheel spins - grab even MORE tripeaks solitaire bonuses like FREE coins, EXTRA cards, FREE solitaire rounds and EXTRA harvests!

Play FREE Tripeaks Solitaire

This isn't free tripeaks solitaire like you've ever seen it before - this is Solitaire Grand Harvest tripeaks!

• Harvest crops in each field as you complete fun challenging solitaire games

• Get cool extra bonuses with each crop harvest! Keep playing tripeaks solitaire for more harvests!

• Get even MORE bonuses in the Golden Glade - even cooler solitaire bonuses await you!

Solitaire Grand Harvest is the coolest, most rewarding free tripeaks solitaire game around!

Social Solitaire Games Get Rewarded!

Play fun tripeaks solitaire card games with your friends for even more rewards!

• Get 10,000 FREE CREDITS for inviting friends to join you in their own tripeaks solitaire games - send them a link or Facebook invite to have them join the tripeaks solitaire farming fun - then send them solitaire gifts!

• Tripeaks VIP: Harvest, farm, and card flip your way to VIP tripeaks solitaire levels and earn exciting rewards - but be warned, you’ll need to harvest and think strategically!

Download and Play Tripeaks in Solitaire Grand Harvest NOW!

Your crops and cards are waiting for your harvest, and these tripeaks solitaire games won't play themselves! Swing by the farm, flip your cards, and download one of the most exciting solitaire games of all: play Solitaire - Grand Harvest tripeaks now!

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