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Truck Simulator USA Hack Tool

Truck Simulator USA Hack Tool

Available Cheat Codes for Truck Simulator USA

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Truck Simulator USA iOs (iPhone) Cheat Codes

i:0687CB5A66100 Coins ($8.99)
Receive 100 Coins
i:4992E8F39B250 Coins ($13.99)
Receive 250 Coins
i:66EB0E254A500 Coins ($19.99)
Receive 500 Coins
i:CDDB338B5F1,000 Coins ($29.99)
Receive 1,000 Coins
i:E31217A43150,000 Credits ($2.99)
Receive 50,000 Credits
i:C58ECDAA3D100,000 Credits ($3.99)
Receive 100,000 Credits
i:74184B0C34150,000 Credits ($5.99)
Receive 150,000 Credits
i:447E1200E3250,000 Credits ($7.99)
Receive 250,000 Credits
i:D77325558F500,000 Credits ($14.99)
i:5172E4BD33Combo Pack ($4.99)
Receive 150,000 Credits and 250 Coins and Remove Ads

Truck Simulator USA Android Cheat Code List

35B0A90AD2##100 Coins ($8.99)
Receive 100 Coins
EA8DE732F1##250 Coins ($13.99)
Receive 250 Coins
0F565189AD##500 Coins ($19.99)
Receive 500 Coins
65D728F53B##1,000 Coins ($29.99)
Receive 1,000 Coins
28641363ED##50,000 Credits ($2.99)
Receive 50,000 Credits
59A8A93227##100,000 Credits ($3.99)
Receive 100,000 Credits
2FE8DC9ACB##150,000 Credits ($5.99)
Receive 150,000 Credits
467CA2EB29##250,000 Credits ($7.99)
Receive 250,000 Credits
267D27C421##500,000 Credits ($14.99)
9B942355C3##Combo Pack ($4.99)
Receive 150,000 Credits and 250 Coins and Remove Ads

Truck Simulator USA by Alexandru Marusac

Want to know what driving an 18 Wheeler feels like? Truck Simulator USA offers a real trucking experience that will let you explore amazing locations. This American Truck Simulator features many semi truck brands, with realistic engine sounds and detailed interiors! Drive across America, transport cool stuff such as vehicles, gasoline, gravel, food, and many more… Become a professional truck driver and enjoy the career and the online multiplayer mode!

Drive Across American, play Truck Simulator USA!


• Many American Truck brands

• USA, Canada and Mexico

• Different climate locations: desert, snow, mountain, city

• Improved Controls (tilt steering, buttons or virtual steering wheel)

• Manual Transmission with H-Shifter and Clutch

• Realistic Engine Sounds (V8, Cummins, etc..)

• Lots of trailers to transport

• Multiplayer Mode and Career Mode

• Visual and mechanical damage on vehicles

• New weather system (snow, rain, sun...)

• Request new trucks or features on our Social Pages!

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