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Zombie Defense Force iOs (iPhone) Cheats

i:11A1A4A3C5giftbag4.99 ($4.99)
You can get rewards.
i:E13046DCBDgiftbag1.99 ($1.99)
You can get rewards.
i:E8A8A28CC0giftbag9.99 ($9.99)
You can get rewards.
i:972964C145giftbag39.99 ($39.99)
You can get rewards.
i:77E5BA053Cgiftbag0.99 ($0.99)
You can get rewards.
i:32A433AEA4giftbag19.99 ($19.99)
You can get rewards.
i:970AC42367giftbag99.99 ($99.99)
You can get rewards.

Zombie Defense Force Android Cheats

973F0BE75D##giftbag4.99 ($4.99)
You can get rewards.
ECAD3F80AF##giftbag1.99 ($1.99)
You can get rewards.
2D9C805B5E##giftbag9.99 ($9.99)
You can get rewards.
C61DBC2F1B##giftbag39.99 ($39.99)
You can get rewards.
E8BA156F4E##giftbag0.99 ($0.99)
You can get rewards.
8E64BC3489##giftbag19.99 ($19.99)
You can get rewards.
12BB163B03##giftbag99.99 ($99.99)
You can get rewards.


The walking zombies ran like a tsunami. Grab your gun and shoot.

Zombies walking dead are very dangerous and protect your town.

Zombie Defense Shooting is a hunting zombie theme shooter. A dangerous Z vaccine has a powerful virus that turns humans into zombies. This deadly virus spread caused zombie outbreaks and people immediately faced the danger of death. As the last zombie hunter of mankind, you must protect the border and stop the spread of zombies!

Various zombies:

- In zombie defense shooting, zombies come from anywhere in the city ruins, they have different jobs, features and abilities, they are hungry and want to kill any creature!

- This zombie game not only has normal zombies, some huge zombies are bosses, they are harder to destroy!

- There will always be unexpected zombies killing you. When you play Zombie Defense Force, you need to pay attention to the changes on the battlefield. Zombies will always appear in unexpected places!

Addictive Zombie Free Game:

- Zombie Defense Force is an offline zombie shooting game. You can play simple games, it requires excellent shooting skills, headshot skills and reasonable tactics.

- Complete missions, get bonuses and equip your weapons to kill all crazy zombies, protect your borders, and win this shooting game

- You want to play zombies, don't make any mistakes in shooting and hunting. To get started quickly, always pay attention to your strength and durability!

War game with realistic 3D graphics and effects:

- Zombie hunters can experience real experiments in this sniper game, every action and effect in the battle is exciting!

- There are many gun-type zombie defense units, each with its own characteristics and parameters, you should choose the right gun for each evil!

- Special effects make guns more powerful and effective in zombie fighting games.

Now you can experience an attractive shooting game offline with addictive fps games, various zombies, many exciting missions and different scenes not found in other zombie games.

This is a free shooting game, download it, become a legend, kill all the zombies and save the world!

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